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Salomon Kleiner and Johann August Corvinus
Prospect des Bürgerl. Spitahls=Gotts=Acker nebst der Capelle S. Rochi, vor dem Kärndtner Thor a. S. Caroli Borromaei Kirche ∙ Copper engraving ∙ Vienna 1737 ∙ Wien Museum, Inv. no. 31142.

A copper engraving by Salomon Kleiner shows the area of the Bürgerspital cemetery with tipping crosses, shapeless mounds, a high cross and a wooden fence. The sacred area, the locus sacer is separated from the rest of the grounds, usually by rosebushes. A map of the suburb of Wieden contains the name »Rosengassen« (“Rose Lane”).
The engraving wrongly identifies St. Augustine's Chapel as »St. Roch's Chapel«.